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The trial of Robert Thomson

Article in the "Lennox Herald" on 12th April 1902 on the trial of Robert Thomson for the shooting of Edward Graham.

I have typed the article exactly as it appeared in the newspaper including line length and hyphens.

It is interesting to compare this account with the account told immediately after the incident. Even way back in 1902 the popular press printed absolute nonsense.



The finale of last month's shooting affray in
Helensburgh was reached in the Sheriff
Criminal Court in Glasgow on Friday, last
week. Sheriff Strachan on the bench. The
principal characters concerned, it may be re-
membered, were Robert Thomson, a youth of
about 20: Edward Graham, labourer, and
Graham's daughter.
Thomson, an agent stated, went from Glas-
gow about two years ago to reside in Helens-
burgh, and made the acquaintance there of
Graham's daughter. On 15th March last he
called at Graham's house at 4 Colquhoun
Street, Helensburgh, and was informed by
Graham that his daughter was out. The visi-
tor went away, but he returned later, pretty
much the worse of drink. The girl by this
time had got home and her lover was taken
into the house. No sooner had he been ad-
mitted to the presence of his sweetheart than
he became so outrageous in his manner towards
her that she had to call her father. Unfor-
tunately Thomson was in the habit of carrying
a revolver, which he had got from a friend in
South Africa. On the father's appearing he
drew the weapon from his pocket and, deliber-
ately pointing it at the old man, discharged
one of the chambers, which was loaded with a
ball cartridge. The bullet struck Graham on
the skull. Luckily, however, there were no
serious consequences, and the wounded man
is almost well again.
Thomson, who was respectably attired, ad-
mitted the offence, and the Sheriff passed
sentence of six months' imprisonment.

Reference is made in the article to Edward's daughter but by 1902 all of Edward's daughters were married and no longer lived with him.
The 1901 census of 4 Colquhoun Street shows Edward living there with his grand daughter, Mary Graham. Mary had turned 16 in the
November previous to when the incident took place. I think it is safe to assume that the "daughter" mentioned in the article was in fact
Mary as the assailant was of a similar age to her "about 20"

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