Who is entitled to register as a user of the site?

Anybody wishing to register as a user of the site must be able to show a link to a person already in the tree.

This link should, ideally, go no further back than a great grandparent but we are willing to consider a link that goes further back than that depending on the circumstances.

After completing the CAPTCHA on the next page you will be presented with a page on which there is a form to complete and within that form is a space for
notes and comments. Please give details of the person to whom you have a link in that space.

Failure to supply a link will mean that your application cannot be processed.


As a registered user you will have access to the data on living members of the family. This data has been supplied to us on the
understanding that it will only be available to registered users of the Graham Family Tree web site and that it will:-

It is important that you acknowledge and agree to the conditions set out above before proceeding to the registration process.

Click on this checkbox to show that you have read, understood and agree to the above conditions and then click on the button below.