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Sinclair Street, Helensburgh, in the 1930's (put the mouse over the picture to see Sinclair Street in 2008)

A message from the family

This site, despite it's name, is not solely for families or individuals with the name Graham. Nor is it only for individuals born or brought up in Helensburgh. It is in fact for all of the families and individuals, and there are many, that can link, by birth or marriage, to Edward Graham and his wife Agnes Berry who emigrated from Co. Down in Ireland to Helensburgh in the middle of the 19th century.

The core data comprising of Edward and Agnes's family and that of their son Edward and his wife Margaret Daly was sourced and recorded by Edward and Margaret's grandson Peter Graham. He distributed this, before the days of the internet, to various family members and it was this data that appeared in the earliest version of this web site. Over the years new data has been added and new families included. There have been many valuable contributors to the site but, at the moment it is maintained and updated mainly by Agnes Falconer, nee Aird, great granddaughter of Edward and Margaret, Jim Graham, their grandson and Joanne Munro who deals with the Sofio branch.

It is our practice, when a new family is found with a link to the Grahams, to include as much information on that family as we can. This means that often there are individuals in the tree who are only linked by the fact that they are related to another person in their family, an ancestor or descendant, who does have a direct link to the Grahams. We do not feel that this is detrimental in any way. We are compiling a historical document on the greatly extended family and to leave out data that we have access to is akin to tearing out pages from a history book. What you end up with in that situation is a restricted and inaccurate picture of events.

Feel free to browse this site but remember that unless you have registered you will be unable to see information on living individuals. If you have a direct link to the extended family then please register as a user. You must, however, include details of how you link to the family or we will be unable to process your application.

Always check the "What's New" section to find out what other users have added to, or amended in, the tree in the last 30 days.

Important Information on Copyright

This site contains many images, some of people and some of certificates and census returns.

Copyright of images of people is a complicated issue and I would refer you to the following site where there is information on the subject.

I am not saying that this site gives a definitive description of the law but it serves to show how complicated it is in respect of photographs.

Whilst none of the images of people on this site contain any copyright notice it should be assumed that they are in fact the copyright of individuals or organisations and may not therefore be copied in any form without first contacting us for clarification on the issue.

There are a large number of images of birth, death and marriage certificates and census returns on the site. The vast majority of these have been obtained from the Scotland's People web site and are, therefore, Crown Copyright. These images are reproduced with the kind permission of the Registrar General for Scotland.

If you wish to have a copy of any of the Crown Copyright images then you must obtain them from a recognised source such as the Scotland's People web site. You may not make copies of the images of birth, death and marriage certificates or of the census returns on this site. The information contained on these images is not copyright material and you may, therefore, make a transcription of the information on the birth, death and marriage certificate and census return images.

Events in the family on this date - June 18th

Family members born on this date
David Murray1791Glasgow, Scotland
Susanna Jackson1793Strathaven, Avondale, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Rachel Barclay Clark1807Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Agnes Gebbie1812Paisley Abbey, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Isable Stoddart1815Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland
Elizabeth Deans1832Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, Scotland
William Erskine Anderson18755 Garngad Rd, Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland
John Martin Waldie Scott1888Roxburgh, Scotland
Emily Catherine Sharp1888Hackney, London, England
Donald Francis Coppersmith1939Valders, Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin, USA
Family members who married on this date
Anna Catherine Bach
Leo Edward Pitterle
Married: 1919Family
Patrick Sharkey
Margaret Foley
Married: 1883Family
Janet Brodie
Alexander Campbell
Married: 1848Family
James Kelly
Margaret McPherson
Married: 1873Family
Alexander Ogilvie
Lily Roberts Leslie
Married: 1917Family
Thomas Scott
Elizabeth Brown
Married: 1841Family
Margaret Shiell
Walter Richardson
Married: 1745Family
James Anton
Mary Barr
Married: 1858Family
Elizabeth Graham
John Crawford
Married: 1847Family
Family members who passed away on this date
James Duncan1847Crail, Fife, Scotland171 years ago
Charles Macfarlane1944unknown74 years ago
William John Nicholl195324 Trelford St, Belfast, Co Antrim, N.Ireland65 years ago
George Phillip Crist1996Dexter, Washtenaw Co, Michigan, USA22 years ago
Ian Jeffrey2005Tottington, Lancashire, England13 years ago

The above tables will only be filled with data from the records of non living family members

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